Spiritual Seekers 101

Calling Spiritual Seekers!

Down to Earth Spiritual Teachings 

6 Week Online Class with Spiritual Intuitive Healer Karen Foote

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Are You New on Your Spiritual Journey?

Feeling Overwhelmed with Where to Begin? 

Are You Curious to Know More?

Karen Foote's Down to Earth teaching style will bring you clarity and calm when stepping into this world of "woo". 

You'll know you're in the right place if you answer yes to some (or all!) of the following:

  • Are you a tree hugger?
  • Do you gaze at the moon in wonder, no matter which phase it's in?
  • Are you bored by pop culture?
  • Do you feel like you've had past lives?
  • Are you drawn to animals, children, the elderly or disabled?
  • Did you collect rocks or crystals as a child (or now as an adult)?
  • Do you see the same number combinations everywhere you look?
  • Do you feel you are here on this planet for a greater purpose?
  • Do you get freaked out (or excited by) psychic experiences?

Coming into your Spirituality can feel overwhelming. We often don't know where to begin

All of it is so interesting! I can help you to sort out what's what in this new world of "woo". Whether you've had your toe in the water for years or if the switch just got flipped, now feels like the time to really delve into all this stuff. 

I will help you along this journey, and you'll have a ton of support from the community that we are building together. Other likeminded folks who WON'T roll their eyes when you talk about the different signs you've been seeing or the "coincidences" that you've been encountering!

This Class is for you if...

You are overwhelmed with all there is to know when it comes to tapping into the spiritual and the metaphysical world

Where to even begin can be confusing! This is something you know you need to do right now and you feel such a pull ... but there's so many topics and you're a bit overwhelmed! 

You are in search of a Spiritual Community

Your family and friends think you're nuts (!) Not everyone is gonna get what you are experiencing! But you will be safe here in this community, we will honor your journey and you won't be alone!

You are curious about the chakras

You've heard of these, but don't really know what they are or why they're important. Or you know a little, but want to know more.

You want to learn more about crystals 

What's up with crystals? How do you choose them? Where do you find them? How do you use them? How do you cleanse and charge them?

You feel like you are sensitive to energy

Intuitive Development /Being an Empath Whether you've actively explored your psychic powers or not, we will tap into our innate ability to sense the world of energy around us using our intuition. We will also go in depth on what it means to be an Empath. (and very importantly- how to protect your energy!)

You are drawn to energy healing

Have you recently felt a pull to learn more about Reiki and other Energy healing work? Sometimes the pull comes out of nowhere- but it's so clear you have to do it that it can't be denied!

Sign me up! I want in!

Introducing Karen Foote's

Spiritual Seekers 101

6 Week Class on the Basics of Spirituality

Each week will be covering the following topics:

~ Being an Empath and what that means

~ How to Protect Your Energy 

~ Crystal Basics

~ The 7 Major Chakras

~ Coming Out of the Spiritual Closet and embracing the "woo"! 

~ Intuitive Development

Connect with others who are also on a Spiritual Path.

Once we feel awakened to our Spirituality, it can feel a little overwhelming with all there is to know! We can also feel lonely since everyone in our circle may not be on the same page. 

This class will cover Spiritual basics in a way that is simple and straightforward, AND you will be surrounded with like-minded folks who support your beliefs and honor your journey.

Meet Your Teacher 

A professionally practicing Massage Therapist since 2000, Karen Foote has always had an interest in Metaphysical topics. 

In 2008 Karen had a Spiritual Awakening and felt an urgency to deeply explore all there was to know; from Chakras to Angels, Energy Healing, Psychic Development, the Law of Attraction and more! She spent years devouring different spiritual books and learning everything she could to further enhance her experience. Karen became Reiki certified in 2010 and by 2014 she was teaching it.

She learned that she loves teaching a variety of metaphysical topics along with her Reiki training classes. Her students find her teaching style very comforting, easy, down to earth and fun.

Learn More About Karen

What Students Have to Say... 

Besides being extremely knowledgeable in her field Karen is VERY friendly, easy to talk to, approachable and never judges anyone. Karen shows great passion for her field. She is funny, caring and extremely considerate. As a student, I felt nervous at first but, that quickly changed. Karen has an ease about herself making you feel VERY comfortable. 

-Randi, Park Ridge NJ  

I have taken a few of Karen’s workshop classes and I have learned so much! Karen is a laid back facilitator but the passion she has about her work shows. She really creates a sense of community in the workshops, which is just an added bonus when coming out of the “spiritual closet”. The classes are guided with her intuition, but none the less are filled with her expertise of experience and education on the topic. After finding Karen I am so in “it” and could not have asked for a better teacher. 

-Emilijia, Garfield NJ

Karen creates a warm and inviting learning environment. There is no other teacher that provides so much information on such a wide variety of topics. She is magical and down-to earth and makes every topic fun to learn. ” 

- Michele, Emerson NJ

Can't wait to start!

There's so much to learn about! Where to begin?

We can feel like a kid in a candy store when standing in front of the Metaphysical section of the bookstore. 

Our time together will help you to break it down so you have a basic understanding of the general topics you come across when first exploring the world of energy and your Spirituality.

What You'll Receive:

  •  Weekly lesson taught live via Zoom on Wedsnesday at 1pm EST or Mondays at 7pm EST (recorded copy will be shared in private Facebook Group)
  • An understanding of what it means to be an Empath
  • Tips and tricks on how to protect your energy
  • A basic understanding of what the chakras are where they are located
  • A beginner's guide to using crystals
  •  Community support with your spiritual journey 
  •  A safe place to practice your Intuitive Development
  • VIP access to an exclusive one day retreat in November 2019 in Northern New Jersey

Class Starts Mid May 2019!

Two Options to join LIVE Zoom Calls 

Wednesdays at 1pm EST (starting May 15)

~ OR ~

Mondays at 7pm EST (starting May 20)

What You'll Pay: $297

Spirit is calling! Are you listening?

Class Starts May 15: